SCC RoadmapDive into our Sana Commerce Cloud product roadmap to see what's in progress, what's up next, and what's on the horizon for the next 9 months. Keep in mind, this roadmap is a flexible plan, and not everything listed is set in stone for product inclusion.
2024 - Q2
Editable Last Viewed Products Page

We want to enable web store managers to customize the Last Viewed Products page design using the Visual Designer for enhanced layout and appearance control.

Split email templates

We want to split email templates between administrator emails and front-end emails so it will be possible to select in which language the email is sent from the front-end.

Content elements for Product List Page

Now Sana's Product List Page (PLP) is editable, it's possible to include content elements to the product information presented in the list. In Q2, we will make the following features available:

  • Estimated Shipment Date: information coming straight from the ERP, showing the estimated shipment date at first glance.
  • Product Attribute to Image Mapping: dynamically map an icon, for instance a brand image, or a "new" tag, to products, leveraging product attributes.
Improve visibility of discounts in the basket

As part of the ongoing initiatives for discounts, SCC will introduce a small set of improvements in how discounts are presented in the basket.

Thanks to these improvements customers will have a better understanding of the discounts being applied and how much they are saving, leading to increased conversions and overall user satisfaction.

Punchout Level 2

We're going to add PunchOut Level 2 functionality to our punch out solution. In a Level 2 PunchOut Catalog, buyers can search within the eProcurement marketplace and view basic product information imported from Sana. Instead of displaying prices, users see "PunchOut to view price." Upon punching out, users are directed to the SCC webshop product detail page directly and don't have to search the webshop to find the right product.

Product Detail Page Multiple Layouts

We want to make it possible to create multiple layouts for the product detail page to enable our customers to maintain multiple generic product layouts lowering the need to create manual overrides for the product pages.

New rule builder for Discounts

This feature will enable webshop managers to manage discounts more easily in Sana, the main additions are:

  • More comprehensive and user-friendly interface for creating and managing discounts in Sana Admin.
  • Introduce discount codes based on purchased amount or products, such as requiring a minimum spend of €100 for discount activation.
Automatic discounts

Automatic discounts are discounts that apply automatically in the cart. They don't require customers to remember a code, therefore are more convenient and can offer higher conversation rates in your checkout.

Product grouping - Search improvements

To improve product grouping and enhance the search flow a user experiences, we will make some changes to the search behaviour when product groups are involved. 1. We will allow a direct redirect to the related child page in case the exact productID is used in the search query.

2. We will also you to find the actual child items within the quick search in the shopping cart, to more easily add the product to the cart.

Barcode scanner - Result in >1 product

Do you store the same barcode on multiple products? With this upgrade the system will be able to return both products as a result if you allow the products to be manually added to the shopping cart!

Barcode scanner - Barcode with UOM / Variant / Quantity

Within the ERP barcodes can be managed not only on product level, but also per variant, unit of measure and even a quantity can be stored against the barcode. Sana will allow to receive the barcodes on these levels, so the barcode scanner can automatically add the correct product!

2024 - Q3
Percentage payment costs

Our latest addition to the Sana Admin allows users to easily set a percentage-based payment fee for all available payment methods, including "on account" payments.

This feature is specifically designed for regular checkout transactions and will not be applicable to online invoice payments.

Multi-Location Stock Visibility

ERP connector upgrade required

We're planning to introduce a feature that lets you display stock from different locations (warehouses) in the web store. Now, customers can choose to purchase from the nearest location to save on delivery costs or even opt for convenient in-store pickup.

This initial release prioritizes enhancing the visibility of multi-location stock in the web store.

Customer Item Numbers

ERP connector upgrade required

We're planning to introduce the option to display Customer Item Numbers from the ERP, so that customers can recognize, find and purchase items in the web store using the item numbers they are familiar with.

Note: this feature is known in ERP systems by different names: 'Item Cross References' in NAV/BC, 'External Item Numbers' in AX/F&O, 'Business Partner Catalog Numbers' in SAP B1, etc.

Stock alerts

Ensure that your customers never miss out on desired products, even when they're temporarily unavailable. Customers can opt-in to receive an email notification as soon as the item is back in stock. This proactive approach empowers them to stay informed and make timely purchases, managing their expectations and eliminating the frustration of missing out on sought-after items.

Checkout - Stock visibility

ERP connector update required.

ERP connector release TBD.

Often the B2B customers know what the standard delivery time is for products that are in stock. Sometimes it is customer depended if shipments are split or not, and the customer also knows in that case if they want the shipment to be spit or not, meaning that they know how to interpret the information of availability.

Showing the stock message in the shopping cart will give them a clear and transparant overview of their order, setting proper expectancies on possible delivery.

Checkout - Checkout header fields

ERP connector upgrade required.

ERP connector release TBD.

The checkout header fields can be added to the checkout, but sometimes these fields affect the basket calculation and a customer should enter the value earlier in the ordering process, to get the proper details of the order.

Think about for instance a partial delivery checkbox or the requested delivery date that may alter the prices or availability of a product. Making it configurable where you want to show the checkout header field (basket or checkout) any field that you can currently add to the checkout will be possible to add to the basket instead.

Checkout - Comments

ERP connector upgrade required.

ERP connector release: TBD.

Customers will be able to add personalised comments to individual ordered items. This feature enables users to include specific instructions or personal messages for each item line during checkout, enhancing communication with sellers and improving order accuracy.

[Editable document header fields] Flexibility in default header fields

As the document headers for the details pages have the flexibility to add/remove fields, there are a few fields that cannot be added yet. Think about the document status and the shop account e-mail address. These fields will be added so they can be managed on document header level.