ERP RoadmapExplore our ERP integration journey to discover what's currently underway, what's coming up next, and what lies on the horizon for the next nine months. Remember, this roadmap is adaptable, and not every item on it is guaranteed for product integration.
2024 - Q2
S4H - States for outside USA

Previously, Sana Commerce Cloud only supported U.S. states, for example, for customer registration and shipping addresses. With this improvement, all states, regions or countries configured in the ERP from anywhere in the world can be retrieved, shown or hidden in the webstore.

S4H - Allow Pre-Order Capability for Items that are Out of Stock

Pre-Ordering enables customer to reserve products that have generated excitement or anticipation, even before they are physically in stock. For the ERP Admin, the pre-order functionality provides valuable insights into customer demand. It allows them to measure interest in upcoming and out of stock products and make more informed decisions about production, stocking, and inventory management.

S4H - Additional fields to Search Documents (filter fields)

The fields that can be used to filter within the different document history overviews table will become editable. A fixed set of fields will be selectable as filter field. Additionally it will be possible to send a custom field to be used for filtering. Think about the reference number, a custom field project ID or another default field such as the shop account e-mail address if stored against the document type.

S4H - Percentage payment costs

With this new feature Sana Admin users will be able to define a percentage based payment cost for a payment method. This will allow you to charge for instance a 3% payment fee for the usage of credit cards.